Free Shipping on Canadian Orders

We've been asked why this store sells in US Dollars given the fact that it's a Canadian store. Originally, the answer was Pinterest. A large amount of traffic to this site originates from Pinterest and translates into a large percentage of our sales.

When Pinterest first announced the launch of Buyable Pins, one of the requirements for implementing their new initiative on Shopify stores was that stores had to sell in US Dollars. So, we converted this store over to US currency at that time. 

The exchange rate from US to Canadian Dollars fluctuates often and the rate seems to consistently be between $1.30 and $1.36 over the last few years. Rather than continually amending our prices to reflect the currency fluctuations, we're instead offering free shipping on all orders over $50.00 shipped to a Canadian address, while the listed exchange rate is over $1.30.  Hopefully this small change helps to offset the conversion shock. 

Shipping charges will automatically be discounted from your order on checkout, when entering the discount code ´Ship Canada´ along with a shipping address in Canada.  


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