The Unboxing Experience

I have no doubt that you will be underwhelmed by the experience of opening and unboxing your order from WithAPast. This is actually by design. 

For many, without a bricks and mortar store for branding and advertising opportunities, online stores invest in high quality and high priced shipping materials. Slick custom boxes, coordinated fill and promotional material to make unboxing an experience and show exactly how wise a customer is for making their purchase from XYZ Online Retailer.  

My focus has always been the product over the hype and packaging, and I can't imagine that changing. I actually cringe a little anytime I hear people talking about their brand. 98% of the packaging for orders shipped from WithAPast is reclaimed, recycled or repurposed. I wrote a post about the reasons why a couple of years ago.

Buying vintage is a smart and affordable way to find unique, memorable and well made items either for yourself or as a gift for that someone who has everything and is so very hard to buy for. 

The climate crisis is so much worse now than it was when I started this online venture 9 years ago. Small choices we make like using truly recycled packaging, can make a difference if as consumers we start to insist on that choice.

For me, recycled, reused and repurposed packaging helps me keep my pricing low, and keep my focus on the product rather than the packaging. I guess that actually is my brand!

Originally Posted: November 18, 2022

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