About Us


With A Past is a locally owned and operated online storefront, in Hamilton, Ontario.  As the owner of this venture, my interest lies primarily in finding unique and interesting products, that don't necessarily fit into any specific category. Many are quite old and many are considered vintage. Others are simply used.  All of them are in either excellent or very good condition considering their age, and all are quite interesting. To me at least!

If you see anything that you'd like to have more detailed information on, please send me an e-mail to:  withapast@gmail.com  I'm happy to provide as much information as possible and will send more detailed photos if requested. 

While I'd like to avoid the return/refund process as much as possible, I am happy to refund your purchase if you find the item doesn't quite meet your expectations.  Please send me an e-mail advising what your issue is and return the item, in the original packaging, to the address listed on your invoice, within 14 days.  Your payment will be refunded in full, minus any shipping charges.

About the Owner

I have a soft spot for old stuff. Maybe it's because there's always a story or two attached to them, but vintage and antique items are just a little more interesting to me than new.

All of the items for sale on this site have come from various downsizing auctions and estate sales. I'm no longer really new at this game and am always learning the ropes, but I still find these auctions a mix of fascinating and bittersweet. In person auctions are becoming a rarity but I still love watching and learning from both the professional and casual buyers. I feel a little like I'm on a successful treasure hunt every time I'm the high bidder on something.

Knowing the things up for sale have come from homes where they were collected and cared for over a lifetime, has me imagining the history and stories behind each piece.  I'm amazed that these items have stood the test of time and continue to have so much life left in them. Finding new treasures and knowing that they might be enjoyed for another generation, in perhaps a very different way than in their first life, makes me quite happy. And, selling these found treasures here on this site, keeps me from becoming a hoarder.  Win, win :)

The information that accompanies each item is as accurate as I can find in my online research.  Prices listed are at or below the prices of similar/same items in stores and on different sites. My primary goal with this endeavor continues to be to extend the life of some classic, beautiful things, through re-using and re-purposing. Will it ultimately have any effect on the melting polar ice cap? Who knows. It certainly can't hurt!

If you have questions about any of the items listed on this site, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at:  withapast@gmail.com 


There is a simple beauty in each and every item listed on this site, embellished by its deep history. The products offered on With A Past were created by artisans and master craftsmen & women, in a time before the mass production practices of today. Quality and workmanship are two reasons why these items have outlasted their generation. In many cases they have been lovingly collected and cared for by families through a generation when home furnishings and décor were expected to last a lifetime. Each item you'll see in these pages has exceeded that promise of lasting a lifetime.

As the reality of global warming starts to hit home, many of us are starting to recognize the environmental impact of the dozens of small decisions we make each and every day.  The benefits of reducing, re-purposing, reusing, repairing and recycling are clear and the decision to buy previously owned home furnishings and décor is just one of those small decisions. We all have the opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment with each and every purchase that we make. Quite simply, purchasing a beautiful, vintage, hand cut crystal bowl from the 1930's or 1940's, will have a much smaller environmental impact than buying a replica, which has been mass produced off-shore in a factory with questionable materials and  labour practices, over-packaged, shipped and then trucked to your local big box store.

Many of the items listed on this site can be considered collectible and may be found around the web or in antique/vintage stores, at higher prices.  Our lower but still competitive prices are certainly not a reflection lower quality. Pricing reflects our primary goals of giving some new life to unique and beautiful items, while reducing the environmental impact of purchasing decisions.

All purchases from With A Past are delivered direct to you, using 95% recycled and recyclable packaging. Larger or heavy items can be delivered to your location in and around Hamilton, Ontario for a small fee. Please contact us via e-mail at withapast@gmail.com for details.