About With A Past

I have a soft spot for old stuff. Maybe it's because there's always a story or two attached to them, but vintage and antique items are just a little more interesting to me than new.

All of the items for sale on this site have come from various downsizing auctions and estate sales. I'm fairly new at this game and am still learning the ropes, but I find these auctions a mix of fascinating and bittersweet. I love watching and learning from both the professional and casual buyers, and feel a little like I'm on a successful treasure hunt every time I'm the high bidder on something.

Knowing the things up for sale have come from homes where they were collected and cared for over a lifetime, has me imagining the history and stories behind each piece.  I'm amazed that these items have stood the test of time and continue to have much life left in them. Finding new treasures and knowing that they might be enjoyed for another generation, in perhaps a very different way than in their first life, makes me quite happy. And, selling these found treasures here on this site, keeps me from becoming a hoarder.  Win, win :)

The information that accompanies each item is as accurate as I can find in my online research.  Prices listed are at or below the prices of similar/same items in stores and on different sites.  My primary goal with this endeavour, aside from feeding my own competitive streak, is to extend the life of some classic, beautiful things, through re-using and re-purposing. Will it ultimately have any effect on the melting polar ice cap? Who knows. It certainly can't hurt!

If you have questions about any of the items listed on this site, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at:  withapast@gmail.com or pauline@withapast.com


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