In Praise of Fabric and Textile Arts and the Women who Create Them

It seems as though 'Fabric or Textile Arts' are attracting much more attention lately.  I myself have a somewhat new found appreciation for this often under-appreciated art form, so I'm quite happy to see the Textile Arts seemingly  enjoy a resurgence of sorts. 

I wonder if the past disregard for these beautiful pieces is because they were created almost entirely by women and girls and they were used by women in the day to day running of the home.  I really have no idea but I'm certain there is a women's studies thesis out there somewhere that can link this theory.   

Needlepoint, weaving, knitting, embroidery, tapestry....all examples of skills that have historically been passed down through generations of women.  The imagination, creativity, level of skill, and attention to the smallest of detail are evident when you look closely and try to imagine the time it would have taken to create these truly one of a kind works of art.

The era in which women were expected to have and to devote the time and effort in creating these pieces is long past but that doesn't in any way lessen my own appreciation for the lovely pieces they were able to create.  From the simple stitch samplers young school girls worked on to practice and perfect their stitches, to hand tatted lace, elegant embroidered fabrics, and stitched/woven works of wall art, these pieces are becoming scarcer as the years go by. 

The fabric arts for sale from WithAPast range from vintage to antique.  Each is a beautiful example of a bygone time and an important historical nod to the work of women who came before us.  Look closely at a sample of this creative and skilled art form when you have a chance.  You'll likely be as blown away as I am when you pause and try to imagine the time and skill required to create these one of a kind treasures.

Originally Posted: May 15, 2016

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