Schultz and Dooley, Early Utica Club Steins, Schmetzer Inc.

West End Brewing Company


This charming pair of 'spokesmugs' were created for the West End Brewing Company, the makers of Utica Club beer. Based on the markings, they were likely produced between 1960 and 1964.  Both are in excellent, vintage condition with no chips, cracks or crazing.

There are two small marks on Dooley, as shown in the photos, that appear to have been a bubble in the glazing during manufacture. There are a few wear marks on Schultz as you can see in the photos. The most prominent is wear on the silver painted finial.

In 1959, WEBCO contracted with KING-Werk (Würfel & Müller GmbH) a German stein manufacturer located in Höhr-Grenzhausen to produce 5,000 sets of promotional steins, distributed primarily to distributors and dealers. 

Between 1960 and 1964, to capitalize on the popularity of television commercials, KING-WERK produced another 10,000 Schultz and Dooley sets for WEBCO, identified by marks impressed into the bottom of the steins. Jonathan Winters was the voice behind both Schultz and Dooley characters.

Approximate Dimensions:
Schultz is 11.75" (H) to the top of the finial. 7" (W) from tip of his nose to the outer handle.  Weight is 2.8 lbs.  

Dooley is 7" (H) 6" (W) from the tip of his nose to the outer handle. Weight is 1.6 lbs.

Shultz has an incised 2 mark on the bottom and is stamped:


Dooley has an incised mark on the bottom along with the following incised:

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Made in Germany

Dooley is also stamped on the bottom with:


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