Glen Nez, Navajo Sand Painting

Glen Nez


A lovely Navajo sand painting by Glen Nez. Painting and wood frame are in excellent, vintage condition. There is a small ding on the top of the frame that can be buffed out. Pink matting on the piece compliments the painting well. Note on the back reads,

"Authentic Navajo Sandpainting. Sandpaintings originate from Navajo healing ceremonies. The medicine man builds a sandpainting & places the patient in the middle of it. To aid in the healing process, sand from the painting is rubbed over certain parts of the patient's body. When the ceremony is over, the sandpainting is destroyed, thereby destroying the illness. This Navajo symbol of healing is now appreciated as a work of art."

Approximate Dimensions:
13.5" (L), 13.5" (W)

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