Madeira Fine Linen Small Tablecloth and Napkins Set

With A Past


A lovely Madeira linen table set including a small tablecloth, 12 matching linen napkins and  two (2) linen doilies. All pieces are in excellent vintage condition, however one of the green leaves on the tablecloth is slightly separated from the cloth. Should be a simple repair. Each item is hand sewn with white on white embroidery and green ivy leaves as accent pieces. Ruffled edge around all pieces is hand finished by an expert hand. A beautiful set. 

Approximate Dimensions:
Tablecloth: 51" (L), 50-1/2" (W)
Napkins: 12-1/2" (L), 12-1/4" (W)
Doilies: 7" (Diameter) and 9" (Diameter)

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