Antique Glass Decanter with Victorian Sterling Madeira Bar Label

Joseph and Albert Savory


Blown glass decanter with target stopper. Made in England by one of the Stourbridge glass makers in the early 1900's. Both decanter and label are in excellent, antique condition. The number 41 is etched on both the stopper and decanter lip.

The silver wine Madeira label is a vine leaf design popular in the early Victorian period. Produced by Joseph and Albert Savory of London. Manufacturer and hallmarks are difficult to read but seem to identify the maker's mark of JS over AS and the date letter as a Gothic 'C' for 1838.  

This is one in a set of three matching decanters.  The others bear the silver wine label Sherry and Malmsey.

Approximate Dimensions
Decanter is 8-1/4" (H), 5" (W), 4-1/2" (D)  Weight is: 775 grams
Sterling Label is 2-1/2" (W), 1-5/8" (L) Weight is 17 grams

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