Irish Linen Tea Towels (6)



Vintage Irish Linen tea towels in natural beige tone.  Overall in very good condition. Exceptions are noted.
Shamrock laced towel has a small repair.

Approximate Dimensions:

Chrysanthemum and Greek Key Border Damask (has a small wear hole)
30" (L), 16-1/2" (W)
Shamrock Lace Insert with scalloped edge (has a small repair)
28-1/4" (L), 14" (W)
Lace Insert
22-1/4" (L), 14" (W)
Lace Insert
21-3/4" (L), 14-1/2" (W)
Purple Flower Basket Embroidery Damask
20-1/3" (L), 13-1/2" (W)
Pansies and Double Lace Insert Damask
25" (L), 15-1/2" (W)



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